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Network Security

Protecting the usability and integrity of
your network and data

​​​Modern cyber security threats revolve around usage of network, and compromises of IT systems and exfiltration of data are usually carried out via networks.

NNIT leverages Network Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems to help you prevent compromises by monitoring network traffic. They can be setup to deny known malicious network traffic and alert you to any suspicious patterns. The systems provide unique insights into network traffic and make it possible for cyber security teams to spot malicious data on the move. 

The software intercepts indicators-of-compromise and generates alerts for further investigation. These are then forwarded to specialists in the NNIT Cyber Defense Center for examination and remediation. To improve their effectiveness even further, the systems are usually combined with other services from NNIT Cyber Defense Center to help secure the networks in your organization.​​




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