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Cyber Defense Center

Let us be your first call

NNITs Cyber Defense Center is ready 24/7 to assist you.

Sophisticated cybersecurity threats and targeted attacks have fundamentally changed the way we prioritize and invest in protecting our businesses. Preventing attacks is still the primary strategy for securing your business, but as breaches become inevitable, so does the need for fast and effective breach detection and response.

With attack sophistication comes detection complexity. Breach detection and response are high-complexity tasks, requiring skilled and experienced security professionals, which are both hard to come by and expensive to keep on 24/7 rotation.

Extend your existing protection with true enterprise class detection and response capabilities with NNIT Cyber Defense Center – one of only a few non-state owned certified CERT teams. With NNIT's 5-phase model, we are able to help you before, during and after an attack.


NNIT Cyber Defense Center services:


Predict... Understand your risk environment to predict where attackers are likely to hit.

Prevent... Prevent incidents by minimizing your attack surface.

Detect... Know your normal to detect and monitor unusual activities.

Respond... Respond rapidly to isolate, minimize damage, investigate and improve.

Recover... Recover any capabilities or services that were impaired and improve resilience.


Threat Intelligence is a monthly report containing tailored research into your threat landscape. With this monthly report you will be updated on e.g. vulnerabilities, exploits and threats towards your company and the market segment you are in. 

By filling out your details below, you can download an example of the Threat Intelligence Newsletter to see what it is all about. 





Esben Kaufmann +45 3075 1613 ESKU@nnit.com Kaufmann



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