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Critical Systems & Data

Safeguarding what matters most

Not all your belongings are equally valuable. That is why the padlock on your tool shed is easier to break open than the lock on your safe. The same can be said for your computer systems and data. Although computer and network security is still important, breaches will inevitably occur – no matter how much you invest in perimeter security. So how do you protect the data, integrity and availability of business-critical systems?Many production environments struggle with an increasingly complex IT platform and landscape. NNIT has vast experience and valuable knowledge of securing production lines and warehousing – also in recent years from securing NNIT’s own data centers. We can assist you in developing the right security strategy, designing OT-security architecture, and translating high level guidelines into practical and affordable security installations. Our specialist teams are experts in identifying critical systems and data, and designing advanced, layered security mechanisms that protect against both external and internal threats. We have proven experience in designing and implementing advanced security controls for information systems, operational technology, and data and custom applications. All of these work together to keep your critical systems and data secure.



Lars Koch ​​​​​Senior IT Security Architect Koch Hviid



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