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Senior Vice President of Cloud & Digital Solutions

Meet Kasper Søndergaard Andersen

Life as a leader

”It’s probably something that has been formed quite early in my life, on the football team or in the classroom, taking responsibility and leading people, being something or someone for them. It is definitely something that has entered my life at an early age, being a leader.”

Kasper Søndergaard Andersen has been a leader for 10+ years and has been Senior Vice President for Cloud and Digital Solutions in NNIT for two years. He started leading smaller teams before they gradually grew, and today he leads a group of around 900 people. Early in his life, Kasper exhibited an interest in leadership, as well as the qualities it takes to become a leader. He describes himself as a people’s guy and says that he has always been interested in the people aspect of leadership.

”The leadership role always felt like a natural call for me. It’s probably something that has been formed quite early in my life. I’m married to a psychologist, and she would definitely say that we are formed quite early in life, earlier than you might think,” he says.

Kasper explains that he has always enjoyed taking responsibility and trying to lead the way. He entered the leader role both in sports, school, and socially among friends, and liked being able to help and lead. Being a leader was something Kasper felt at ease with. It gave him energy, and when he began studying at Copenhagen Business School, he was eventually reassured that this was the career he wanted to pursue.

Leadership in NNIT

When asked about the advantages of being a leader in NNIT, Kasper said that he likes that NNIT does not feel like just another corporate hierarchy. “We have an open culture where everyone is considered equal and important, and it is hard to pin down who’s a leader and who’s not when walking the halls”. Kasper also encourages his colleagues, no matter their level, to come to him and challenge his views and opinions, reducing the distance between being a leader and an employee.​​​​​​​

Another great thing about working at NNIT, as Kasper mentions, is the fact that NNIT’s culture has a focus on the individual’s progress and development of competences. It is not just about solving problems, but also about how to better oneself. Read more about our 1:1 career talks here.

Kasper states that we at NNIT have a more open and spacious approach to our work environment and that it is important not to distinguish between leaders and employees, in that we all contribute to NNIT and making a mark for our customers.