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Meet Ricco Larsen

Making a mark together – Leadership with SVP Ricco Larsen

“Being a leader is hard work. Command is tough. Therefore, for me, and for most successful leaders I think, leadership has to be a vocation. It can’t just be a dream, an ambition, or something you want on your CV. You really have to want it.”

Ricco Larsen, Senior Vice President in Life Sciences Solutions, has been a leader in NNIT for 20 years. Before becoming a formal leader, Ricco has always seen leadership as a natural role to assume. Throughout his life, leadership has been an integral part of his personality. As the first born in a group of siblings, he naturally assumed the leadership role and the responsibilities this brought from early beginnings.

“Being a leader is hard work. You need to be okay with imperfections and you need to be able to live with not being in full control most of the time.” Ricco points out that, as a leader, you have to delegate tasks and trust that your team can execute independently. As he says, “You can’t play all spots on the football field, you have to rely on your teammates playing their part successfully.”

Uncertainties comes with the job and as a leader you need to be okay with this. As Ricco says, “the world is imperfect”. Leadership is imperfect, and you have to accept this and be able to deal with it – and then constantly reflect on your leadership and tune it.

Ricco thrives in an environment like this. To be able to support his colleagues, and making sure that his team delivers, are some of the most satisfying parts of the job. He describes himself as a contributor, and for him it is important that he brings value to the team members and company. This he does by overseeing and helping with relevant tasks, where he can bring value. It is a natural part of his job as a leader.



NNIT and Life Sciences

For Ricco, the great thing about being a leader in NNIT is the opportunity to work with people. Supporting their personal development, seeing their potential, assessing their performance, and leading them to become the best version of themselves. “It is an extremely gratifying part of the job for me,” says Ricco.

The best part of being in Life Sciences Solutions is the realization that he and his team are making a difference in the world, addressing real business problems and pains, and transforming the industry. Being able to help the Life Sciences industry, and the people in the industry, by making their daily tasks easier and solving some of their problems, is exciting and one of the most rewarding parts of the job, according to Ricco.

Ricco thinks that spotting the difference between a leader and an employee in NNIT is difficult for outsiders and new employees. “We’ve had the ability to preserve a flat culture with high ceilings where everyone has a voice and are heard,” says Ricco. He points to the fact that we in NNIT are a team and help each other across different levels of the organization to get the job done. Even though we all have different roles to play, we all share the same values, and NNIT would not be NNIT without all our great people behind it. For Ricco it is the united experience that NNIT creates for our customers, employees, and stakeholders that is important, and to be able to create this unique experience, we all have individual roles to play.

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