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Manager of Hybrid Cloud, Data & AI and .NET Developers in NNIT

Meet Tijana Radulovic

Could you please introduce yourself: What’s your name? Where are you from? And how long have you been with NNIT?
My name is Tijana. I come from Serbia. I came to the Czech Republic ten years ago. For the last three years, I've been working in NNIT as a Manager. Currently, I’m the Manager of Hybrid Cloud, Data & AI, and .NET Developers.

As a Manager, how would you describe your management style?
I think people are the most important part of the organization. What I do is focus on the people and listen to them. I have a personal approach to each team member. In our regular 1:1s, I try to understand their points of view and motivation to work on their development together. I try to create the future for them in NNIT.

The most important thing is preventing stagnation. If they just work on the daily tasks, that becomes a routine. The moment it becomes a routine, there's a danger that the person will leave. So, not only should you understand what they are working on, but you should also understand what they want to be. 

Therefore, we work on a regular basis on the employee‘s development, looking at trainings and certifications, defining long and short-term goals and try to achieve them.

How would people be able to contribute their ideas when they join your team?
We are in the start-up phase with the Hybrid Cloud and Data & AI teams in Czech Republic, so there are so many opportunities for team members to contribute their ideas, innovations, and suggestions to set the team in the right direction and lead its growth.

How does diversity add value to NNIT? 
I like to have people from different cultures and nationalities in my team because they bring different values to the table. Diversity gives you the opportunities to learn about different cultures and personalities and understand their ways of working and dedication. Everyone is different. 

Anything you want to say to a potential candidate?
If you like to meet people from different cultures, grow in areas such as Hybrid Cloud, Data & AI, have challenging tasks, have challenging working days, and contribute ideas on the team's directions, it's time for you to join NNIT. 

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