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Meet Marius and Anna Ingeborg

Marius Bugge, a 19-year-old Support Center Analyst, took a leap of faith last summer and embarked on a gap-year adventure to Prague (sabbatår). Little did he know, this would be the beginning of his exciting journey in the tech industry.

At NNIT, Marius is part of a thriving Service Desk team, providing technical support to Danish clients. With a growing team of around 30 people, Marius has taken on the responsibility of welcoming new members and helping them settle in.

Jumpstart your career in IT
For Marius and many on his team, this is their first corporate IT job, and it’s a great opportunity for young people to learn on the job. The most important thing is to have a customer-centric mindset.

"I love the sense of community and division of labor at NNIT," says Marius. "At Service Desk, everyone has their own areas of expertise, so you can always turn to a colleague for help when you need it."

Many Service Desk Analysts go on to further their careers in the tech industry as Service Managers, Cyber Security specialists, or Delivery Managers. For example, Anders Eskerod Nielsen worked at NNIT Service Desk for three years before being promoted to Service Manager. He believes that Service Desk is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to build a career in IT because it provides a comprehensive understanding of the industry and helps employees discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Stepping Out: Navigating life away from home
While there are challenges that come with living away from home for the first time, many people say they enjoy the sense of freedom and independence that comes with living on their own.

To help make the transition easier, NNIT Czech Republic provides a relocation package for Support Center Analysts, which includes:
• Flight ticket to Prague
• Free transfer from the airport to your accommodation in Prague
• Free initial accommodation in Prague in a hotel/apartment
• Financial relocation support

Aside from the relocation package, new employees go through an onboarding week to help them feel welcomed and smoothly transition into their new life in Prague. Plus, most of the Service Desk team are from Denmark, so they can empathize with the challenges of adapting to life in a foreign country for the first time.

At NNIT, employees are encouraged to participate in the monthly social events, such as bowling, go-karting, or paintball. The monthly "Friday Bar" is a highlight, where everyone goes to a local bar after work to grab a beer, chat, and have fun.

Experience life in the heart of Europe
"Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world,“ says another Support Center Analyst Anna Ingeborg Birkemose, who has been with the team for two years. "I love the architecture and how easy it is to live down here: The public transport is cheap, efficient, easy to use, and runs 24/7. There is variety of cuisine here, like the Vietnamese food here is amazing.“

Living in Prague also provides young people like Anna Ingeborg with the opportunity to travel around Europe and explore new destinations. Flights from the Czech Republic to Denmark are frequent, quick, and affordable.

Join the adventure
Are you ready to jumpstart your tech career while gaining life-changing experiences abroad? Join Marius and Anna Ingeborg and the Danish-speaking Service Desk team in Prague. Check our open positions here.