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Student Assistant in NNIT

Meet Rasmus Roug Nyeland

Rasmus Roug Nyeland is one of NNIT's many student assistants.
He encourages other students to seek challenges in the IT industry.

At NNIT, we employ a number of students and interns who are excited about the digital transformation and want to play an important role in fulfilling our customers' IT potential in different ways. Rasmus Roug Nyeland is one of them, read what he has to say here.

What do you do at NNIT?

When I started in NNIT, my leaders and colleagues quickly discovered my interest for data and numbers, so I was allocated as a project finance controller on a large project that needed financial structure in their current reporting setup. When I was done with this project, I moved on towards new challenges.

I am so lucky that I do exactly what I find most interesting meaning Cloud Cost Management, Project Finance Automation, License Management, Sales and Data Quality. This also creates a lot for wins for me personally, and for NNIT.

Right now, I am running a project where I create Dashboards in Power BI and processes to optimize Project profitability while securing quality as well. I am lead on this myself and I am definitely learning from this challenge.

Why is NNIT a relevant workplace for a student?

I think that NNIT sees students as more than arms and legs. The amount of repetitive boring tasks are kept to a minimum. NNIT finds and hires young bright people and gives them opportunities much earlier in their career than many other companies.

Another aspect is that you are often in a team with several other students who think differently, which is positive for your own personal development.

As a student at the office you are surrounded by other students whether you are working together on a project or just having lunch. This energy of course creates an awesome work environment that I personally think is rare for students in other workplaces.

Any advice for other students?

Do not be afraid to seek challenges and confront the status quo. If you have an idea that you think would improve something either for a customer or internally, GO WITH IT.

Take initiative & responsibility. This will create exciting opportunities that you would not otherwise get.