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Senior Developer in NNIT

Meet Arpan Shukla

"NNIT helps me reshape my career, " said Arpan Shukla, Senior Developer in Life Sciences based in NNIT Czech Republic. "The culture here is very open and flexible. There is no fixed career development path. I started as an SAP developer, now I'm working as a Veeva Developer, and I can be an Application Manager in the future."

Step out of your comfort zone
Joining NNIT was a turning point for Arpan's career. When he began his job as an SAP Developer in NNIT Czech Republic in 2018, he stepped out of his comfort zone.  Coming from India, Arpan was used to working for companies that have connections to his home country. But NNIT is a Danish company, and the local office is in Prague, Czech Republic, which means that it was a complete change of work environment for him. NNIT Czech Republic, as Arpan described, is a perfect mix of both worlds. On one hand, NNIT is an IT giant in Denmark with an impressive history and renowned reputation. On the other hand, in the Czech Republic, NNIT feels like a start-up with only 250 employees that is very open-minded and flexible.

Embrace changes
"Sometimes people are afraid of changes, but my manager has confidence in me," said Arpan. Since he started in NNIT, he has been exploring different technologies and career possibilities within the company. He began in 2018 as an SAP Developer, and after two years, he became an IDQ Developer (now known as Data for Quality for Life Sciences).  Finally, in 2021, he became a certified Veeva Developer. Veeva Vault is a cloud-based tool for documentation. It ensures an agile and safe transition and a smooth continuation of all RA, clinical, and quality processes.  

Most importantly, NNIT has been positioned as a "Leader" in Everest Group's Veeva Service Providers PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2021. When Arpan started working in Veeva, all his training to get certified was provided by NNIT. "I used to work as an SAP Developer, and now I'm working for three different teams," said Arpan. "But there have been no instances where I have felt uncomfortable or out of place." Arpan believes and works by NNIT's principles of "open and honest." He likes how people in NNIT give each other direct and constructive feedback so that everyone can learn and improve. "Every team that I've worked with are very adapting and helpful," Arpan said and continued, "Even though I was new to many things such as IDQ, Veeva, Application Manager, my colleagues always helped me mature. At the same time, they gave me proper responsibilities, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed."

Enjoy work-life balance
Arpan likes playing ping-pong with his colleagues during breaks.  "The company knows that you're also a human being, and that sometimes you need a break," Arpan said. "You can play for 30 mins and refresh your mind." Studies have shown that taking regular breaks can boost productivity and accuracy at work. As a result, apart from ping-pong, in NNIT Czech Republic, there are also PS4, Xbox, board games, chess, and other types of entertainment to help employees relax and have fun together. 

Do you want to join Arpan in NNIT?
If you want to develop your career while enjoying a healthy work-life balance, join Arpan in his growing team by applying here.