David Hruska Umbraco
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Cybersecurity Specialist in NNIT

Meet David Hruska

Davis Hruska has worked in the area of IT Security since the beginning of his professional career. His aim is to protect others from Cybersecurity threats. He decided to join NNIT simply based on a recommendation from a good fried, and he does not regret his decision.

When David joined NNIT, he was mainly working in Security Operations. After a year of tremendously good work, he was promoted to Security Consultant and is currently responsible for implementation of various projects for global customers. David’s working hours are fully flexible, and he actually does not need to visit the office at all, as he cooperates primarily with colleagues in Denmark. David relaxes when spending time with his family and playing with his kids, and therefore he truly enjoys the flexibility and Scandinavian focus on work-life balance and well-being of employees.

What do you do in NNIT?
I am working as a Cybersecurity Specialist with a focus on delivering projects to the customers. My responsibilities are to deliver secure and suitable solutions for clients and deliver it to Operations.

What motivated you to join NNIT back in 2018?
I have decided to join NNIT because of the possibility to work remotely, be part of an international team, and work on interesting security project. In my team, I have more than 100 colleagues globally. Approximately 20 of them are at the Prague office. However, I cooperate mostly with my colleagues in Denmark from a home office. On a daily basis, we work with our CyberArk application where we manage accounts and accesses to the customer's infrastructure. In our PIM solutions, we have customers mainly from the pharma and life sciences industry.

What do you enjoy most about NNIT?
What I like most about NNIT is the work-life balance, possibilities of growth, and a lot of paid trainings and certifications.


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