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Meet Gursewak Singh Dhaliwal

NNIT employs more than 100 IT consultants who support and advise our customers in various IT processes. Gursewak is one of them, read about his experiences here.

What do you do at NNIT?
For the past two years I have had the honor of working as an NNIT consultant. Working in our Consulting unit has given me the opportunity to both run and take part in multiple projects, where managing difficult stakeholders, solving complex cases, and presenting to large audiences with limited time to prepare are integral parts of my daily work.

These projects have mainly lied within my field of passion; Cybersecurity and IT transformation, where my core goal is to make a positive impact on customers, businesses, and society at large. That is what drives me- making a positive impact both as a consultant and as a human being.

On top of this, I am in the Steering Committee of NNIT’s Young Professional Community; a network for young colleagues in NNIT, serving the purpose of building bridges, knowledge-sharing and creating relations across NNIT.  

What do you like about working at NNIT?
As a people’s person I have always valued working with different types of people in different projects. In NNIT, I get to travel around the world online within a few minutes, by meeting people with interesting backgrounds from different countries. Having a global mindset and a genuine urge to meet new people I find it truly exciting to work in NNIT where the corporate culture nurtures diversity.

What I find unique about working in NNIT and Consulting is that I get to work closely on project with so many different and bright colleagues within a short period of time. The intensity of the projects has meant that I have developed strong ties and grown close relationships with my teammates.

Any career advice for others?
I once received three crisp pieces of advice from a wise man. I've tried them out (with success), and I would like to pass them on to others as well:

  • Stay curious and open for new inputs
  • Take initiative and experience many new unforeseen doors opening
  • Be critical towards your colleagues, customers, and managers in a positive and constructive manner.