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Senior Vice President of People, Communication, and Marketing

Meet Camilla Møhl

Communication is key – Leadership talk with SVP Camilla Møhl

”I don’t see leadership as the formal role that many might think of when hearing the word ‘leader’ or ‘leadership’. To me, leadership means driving something forward. Influencing and making a change. Making a mark – and that’s basically in all of us.”

Camilla Møhl is Senior Vice President for People, Communication & Marketing in NNIT. She has been a formal leader for more than 10 years.

“I have never thought of being a leader as the goal, and I will never think of it that way. That is also my advice to others; don’t think of leadership as a goal in itself. To me, the most important thing is to be a part of something that I can influence because I think it’s the right thing to do.”

The Road to NNIT

Camilla’s leadership journey started with a position as HR business partner with another company. Her former leader encouraged her, and this helped her unfold her knowledge and skills over a larger area and broaden her profile. Connecting the dots on the business agenda and create connections throughout the organization is what Camilla finds inspiring, and that is also what drives her leadership today in NNIT.

When Camilla started her leadership role in NNIT her main task was finding the balance between being a leader and a part of the team, as well as motivating her team to do their best.

In general, everything Camilla does during her day is leadership, she reflects. One of her big daily tasks is communication. Leadership is a lot about being able to communicate with different people, at different levels. And then there is a huge task in making sure that each employee feel that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.”

“As a leader you affect people, their lives, and their well-being. Therefore, acknowledge when you make mistakes, because you will make mistakes. And remember that an apology is always a good option when mistakes are made and will often pave the way for a trustful relationship, in my experience.”

In joining NNIT recently, Camilla observed that, there seems to be a mutual respect and trust in one another, no matter the level in the organization. When asked about the difference between a leader and an employee in NNIT, Camilla said “everyone is a leader of something. You lead yourself, your life, and the choices you make, whether you have a formal role as leader or not. Being a leader means having responsibility and taking action, and I see that in everyone here.”

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