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Associate Vice President of Cloud DevOps Services

Meet Mathias Blichert Christensen

”It has always been difficult for me to explain to people what it is I do. When I talk with my family, I usually just say that I work with IT. They then ask me if I can help them with their Microsoft Word when it doesn’t work.”

Working in NNIT as Associate Vice President for Cloud DevOps Services might be easier for Mathias Blichert Christensen than explaining to his family what it is he does on a daily basis.

“I think, for us who work in the IT business, it can be difficult to explain to others what it is we do,” says Mathias. “My job is to help our surroundings create value via technology. I think that is the best way to explain it.”

Mathias concentrates on development projects where innovative technology is used. He wants NNIT to be in the forefront on this area and his role is to lead the way and make sure that we have the right tools to succeed.

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10 years ago, Mathias started at NNIT as a graduate. He has worked his way up since then, starting as project manager, then advanced project manager, then senior project manager, and now he is Associate Vice President for Cloud DevOps Services. His journey through NNIT has been made possible due to his colleagues and leaders who have given him the opportunity and the tools to develop his professional career.

Now that Mathias himself has become a leader, he insists on giving his team room for development. He wants to help and guide them in their professional development, and this is one of the things he loves about his job; being able to work with people.

“Working with innovation and making sure that your team is with you on this innovative journey is what is great about being a leader in NNIT,” he says. Mathias enjoys giving his team responsibility and challenging tasks, which are a big part of each individual colleagues’ development.

When asked to sum up the one thing he enjoys most about being a leader in NNIT, Mathias says, “it is the ability to be able to work with unknown technological landscapes and people who are motivated by learning and pushing boundaries. This is incredibly exciting and the best part of my job.”

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