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Associate Cybersecurity Consultant in NNIT

Meet Louise Petersen

What do you do at NNIT?
I recently joined NNIT’s Cybersecurity and Compliance department as an Associate Cybersecurity Consultant. This was after I graduated with a Master’s degree (Cand.merc.Ebusiness) from Copenhagen Business School and transitioned from being a Junior Consultant in our Consulting department for 3,5 years. 

My time as a Junior Consultant sort of served as a minor graduate program, where I had the pleasure of working across the different subdivisions in Consulting – which include private customers, public customers, and Cybersecurity. Through these 3,5 years, I have been part of many different exiting projects where I had the opportunity to test and develop skills and interest. The time here made me aware that I have an interest within Cybersecurity – and luckily, this is where I am now! 

Today, my job is to advise and run projects for our customers, which are to help advance their Cybersecurity posture. Additionally, I also assist the Director for Cybersecurity Consulting with various management and customer tasks. 

How would you describe NNIT as a workplace?
I enjoy being part of a global company that operates within industries that are constantly in development. This brings the opportunity to meet colleagues and customers from different companies and cultures. Our industry also requires that we stay up to date - especially within project management, IT, and Cybersecurity. NNIT supports this by offering training and courses both internally as well as externally, making it a very attractive workplace for me.  

Any advice for anyone looking for career opportunities in your area of expertise?
Through my time as a Junior Consultant, I have always been open for education and work opportunities. When I suddenly got the chance to start at NNIT Consulting, I was studying the Bachelor’s, European Business, which doesn’t include any IT relevant courses. After one year in Consulting, I decided to change path in my studies and was granted admission to the Master’s in Business Administration and E-business. This change of field gave me a great foundation and understanding of IT in general as well as project management. 

The change in my educational and career path was not what I initially expected, but I am grateful that I took an explorative approach and got the opportunity to work here. I would therefore advise future graduates to be open for new opportunities that they may not initially consider. These opportunities may open doors to new journeys, both in terms of work and educational opportunities, that are even more interesting than what you initially aimed for - it did for me. 

What have you learned throughout your journey?  
When I started as a Junior Consultant, I learned the importance of time management, as it showed to be a challenge to juggle between schemes at work and the university. However, as time management is key to deliver successfully on projects, I quickly learned to organize and plan ahead, which was a necessity to complete my studies at planned schedule. Generally, I have been able to apply skills acquired through my work as a consultant through my studies and vice versa. This has helped me improve within both fields. I remember a project where I really felt that I utilized what had been taught at CBS. This was through an innovative HoloLens project, where I had the opportunity to develop and deliver a solution, governance, and operational setup that were suitable for both customers and for NNIT together with my very bright colleagues.