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Advanced Business Consultant in NNIT

Meet Jesper Høeg Bøttger

Jesper works with innovation and digital tools supporting NNIT's customers on their digital transformation journey as a workplace. Read about his experiences here.

What do you do at NNIT?
I work as an Advanced Business Consultant at the Digital Business Innovation department, and in my daily work I help customers understand and gain value from new technologies. Some of the technologies that I inspire my customers with are Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, 5G, Digital Twin and new Microsoft products.

In my department, we have an agile mindset where we use design thinking methods to understand the user’s needs, the technical possibilities and what value it brings. We use such insights to inspire, create Proof of Concepts, Minimum Viable Products etc., so this is where we shine and what we are made to do.

What do you like about working at NNIT?
I have worked with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Image recognition, 5G, IoT, Drones, been to conferences, participated in debate panels and a lot more. NNIT is a place that lets you fulfill your dreams which for a guy like me, who is always thinking of technologies and how to combine them to create new value for our customers, is a rare thing to have.

If I should describe NNIT in one word it would be diverse, because NNIT has a lot of different personalities and work opportunities. I know that NNIT is often looked at as an operations company, but it is so much more than this. If I get an idea to use a case on how to combine drones, VR and AI, I would be able to find people in NNIT with the passion and skills to create some cool stuff, that we can bring to our customers.

Advice for anyone who is considering a career in your field?
Go for it! NNIT is a very good place to learn and develop your skills. You will meet great colleagues and get a special family feeling. I have already said that NNIT is very diverse, and I truly believe that you can work at NNIT for a lifetime and still find new areas of interest that you didn’t know existed.