​NNIT Graduate Program

The NNIT Graduate Program is designed to speed up your professional development through hands-on experience and mentoring.

It is an opportunity to form your own career journey. The program will be tailored to your individual profile as it offers three modules that cover different specialist areas depending on your background and interests.

You may be strongly passionate about a specific IT area or technology, or you may be more of a generalist with an IT or life sciences education. Either is suitable for the graduate program at NNIT.



You will learn from the best

You will meet and learn from a lot of skilled and highly professional colleagues all the way through the program. You will create a strong network within NNIT as well as with our customers, and have fun being part of an ambitious graduate team with lots of potential.

18 months of solid experience

As a graduate in NNIT, you get a personal mentor and 18 months of solid experience.

You’ll work on projects alongside NNIT's many highly skilled specialists and consultants, you'll be offered selected training and certifications that match your abilities and ambition. All in all this will give you a clear sense of how you can best apply your potential in the future.




We hire a new team of graduates every year, and they start out their career at NNIT on September 1.

If you think this could be the right choice for you, please stay updated via our job portal in the beginning of 2020 to find out more.