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Our culture

We believe that a strong culture combined with exciting projects and challenges helps to attract the best, most passionate people.

​​​​​​​​​​​​That’s why we’re always looking closely at our culture, discussing what makes NNIT something special.

The simple answer is that it’s the NNIT Way, which includes our vision, mission, values and leadership principles. Our values are deeply rooted in all employees, and together, we enact on our mission:
As One NNIT,​
We make a mark on our customers’ business 
We are passionate people developing winning teams with our customers
We achieve competitive business results through quality services​

But the answer is not always that simple. It also lies in the reality we meet in the workplace, in customer meetings, or when someone gets help from a colleague working 7,500 km away.

It is the colleagues who create our culture every day in their work with management, each other and customers.


Our culture is dynamic and alive. The cultural characteristics from our various home countries make a distinct impression on it, just as our rapid growth does. Our culture has its roots in our history and fundamental ideals through the NNIT Way, but it also adapts itself to the developments of a dynamic IT industry. And it paves the way for our ability to grow and achieve our goals.

This is the question answered by a number of employees here. But we’ve also looked into what is important to NNIT staff generally and what makes our workplace something special. Our answers:
  • The energy with which we approach tasks – the passion 
  • We are surrounded by extremely competent colleagues who take an interest in what they do 
  • We respect each other and are good at working as a team
  • There is focus on employee wellbeing and development
  • Being part of a successful company that wins the exciting and often large projects
  • Having a say in the development and growth creation
  • It’s no further from top to bottom at NNIT than each individual has the opportunity to make a difference – make his or her mark
The NNIT spirit
During 2013 and 2014, we’ve been focusing on something we call One NNIT. The expression first came about when we were called Novo Nordisk IT – no one really knows when. But since then, it’s become a permanent part of our vocabulary and is often used about everything that is positive in our culture – when things work and our teamwork goes well.

However, a survey in 2012 showed that, even though we used One NNIT across the board, there was no proper definition of the concept. And that sometimes created some confusion. So we asked our colleagues.

We got input from all corners of the company. Everyone could give their interpretation of the meaning with words and with images via Instagram. It ended up with the conclusions that One NNIT is our company’s spirit:

"ONE NNIT is about being part of something bigger. It’s the sum of great colleagues, our commitment when working together and the way we do things. 
In short, it’s our spirit."

You can get a feel for the One NNIT spirit in this film. You can also see the pictures that people are continuously uploading to Instagram. Search #onennit.
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