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Mixed Reality: How can it drive digitalization?

Watch this webinar to learn how Mixed Reality is driving digitalization for frontline workers and how it can impact productivity and quality of service. 

NNIT and Virsabi have recently joined forces in a partnership to create fully integrated, cutting edge Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions. 
In the webinar we introduce the leading technologies within the Mixed Reality space and we will demonstrate how they are bringing value to companies within a wide range of industries.
Studies from GE Healthcare and Boeing show productivity gains of up to 46% and Gartner predicts that Augmented and Mixed Reality will have been adopted by 30% of the large enterprise companies in 2020 as part of their digital transformation strategy.
We share examples of implementations and show how the quality and efficiency of production, maintenance, support and service can be improved. 
Mixed Reality is a new and rapidly evolving space. As a conclusion to the webinar we give insights into how enterprises can start investing in solutions and reap the benefits of these technologies through rapid prototyping, proof of concept testing, focused pilots and full scale rollouts. 


Jens Lauritsen, Chief Product Officer, Virsabi 

Søren Olsen, Manager, NNIT

Watch the webinar here



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