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Corporate Entrepreneurship in NNIT

Corporate entrepreneurship is a mindset, a process and a framework for large companies to launch and manage new ventures internally. In 2018, NNIT launched a new corporate entrepreneurship initiative called Business Innovation Growth (BIG): Think BIG. Start small. Learn fast.

BIG is about exploring and validating new ideas on an early stage, and so, accelerate the development and time to market of the ideas with potential. 

An idea can emerge and grow in numerous ways. It may derive and start from within NNIT, but whenever suitable, we strive for co-creation with customers, partners, startups, and other businesses. 

The key ingredient in BIG is our passionate people. To explore and validate an idea, we set a dedicated team of NNIT employees, and preferably also co-creators, for a defined period of time.

A BIG team’s task is to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) featuring the vision and core functionality of an idea. A BIG team works as a internal startup, typically for 2-3 months. 

To give strategic guidance and create a single point of accountability, a Growth Board is set up for each team. A Growth Board is similar to a board of investors for a startup, and consists of relevant stakeholders in NNIT, such as Subject Matter Experts, business domain experts, delivery executives, or similar. Senior management must always be represented in a Growth Board, to ensure top management commitment and prioritization.

Moreover, a BIG team gets support from our staff functions in NNIT such as Technology Office, Marketing, Legal, HR and Finance to ensure the team has the time and attention dedicated to focus on the idea. 

Typically, the teams are located at our BIG Innovation Area at NNIT Headquarters in Copenhagen, which is also open and available to the rest of the organization if other teams need a space for extra creativity. 

With this new setup we encourage an experimental approach and a high degree of freedom to fail fast and learn – just like a startup. BIG is complementary to our existing innovation process in NNIT with the purpose of developing new offerings in NNIT with a faster, dedicated and more agile innovation approach.

Examples of BIG ideas




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