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NNIT Academy

By choosing NNIT as your professional training partner, we can help ensure that your organisation holds the competencies needed to successfully execute your winning strategy

NNIT Academy takes its point of departure in our passionate attitude about organisational learning – and our desire to advice on how companies can make the most of their training investments. The Academy offers a range of training concepts, designed to your specific training needs and situation.

Our instructors are specialised within the sweet spot between IT, regulations and human behaviour. This allows for an educational approach that enables course attendants to easily obtain new knowledge and develop a wide range of competencies. In the different courses, real life examples from across the industry will be used to engage participants and ease the use in work situations. In addition, guest instructors will be invited to share further specialist knowledge about the specific subjects.

Through our three faculties, we educate in Advisory & Methodology, Digital Onboarding and Pharma Insight. Feel free to take a closer look at the three faculties and the courses offered in these, or contacts us directly so we can start developing the competencies of your employees!


Your employees are the key to your success

​At NNIT, we believe that the success of a company is secured by the performance of its employees, and that when given the opportunity to develop their competencies, employees can be enabled to increase their value to the company.

While companies can use technological capabilities as a competitive advantage, even the most innovative solutions fall short if employees are not properly equipped to handle change. Even with a managerial mindset that accommodates the use of IT and new technology, the need to equip employees with the proper tools and knowledge is a vital element of success when managing IT transitions or onboarding processes.

In many such cases, the process of passing on specialist knowledge from the IT department is extremely important, but it is not always handled in a proper manner. Specialists often struggle in teamwork participation with the rest of the organization due to a lack of communicative skills. Whether their in-depth knowledge revolves around pharma regulations, EU GDPR, or general IT, the ability to communicate to peers in a clear manner is crucial for business success.




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Digital Onboarding Onboarding
Digital Employee Onboarding Employee Onboarding
Whole Brain Team Dynamics Brain Team Dynamics
Understanding Clinical Development and Systems Clinical Development and Systems
Trial Master File and Document Management Master File and Document Management
Regulatory Processes and Systems Processes and Systems
Regulatory Affairs Affairs
Pharmacovigilance, PV and Drug Safety,-PV-and-Drug-safety.aspxPharmacovigilance, PV and Drug Safety
Operational Excellence Foundation Excellence Foundation.aspxOperational Excellence Foundation
Lean Leadership Foundation Leadership Foundation.aspxLean Leadership Foundation