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Digital Work Place

The Digital Work Place area offers a variety of courses that will make onboarding of new employees easy and efficient in the context of IT systems.

When new employees start in an organization they often go through a HR designed onboarding process, which often includes the introduction to relevant IT systems. NNIT has many years of experience with training employees in a wide range of IT systems that are relevant for new employees – or necessary when upgrades of IT competences are needed within programs such as Microsoft Office.

The Digital Work Place area offers courses that will make the onboarding of new employees easy and efficient in the context of IT systems. Instructors can educate either by being physically present or through skype sessions to ensure ease of access and efficiency for the new employee.

Course catalogue and registration
Below, you can get an overview of the different courses offered through the Digital Work Place area. More information, along with registration information, can be found via the links within each course description.


This course will ensure that your employees get the proper introduction to the essential tools and systems that you find necessary. We can create a tailor made course for your employees as a standalone course or as an integrated part of your onboarding program.

The course is mainly targeted at new employees, but can also be used in order to onboard existing employees to systems that should be used in a new position within the company.

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Many have upon completing an ITIL course found that the task of using the framework they have been introduced to can be enormous. The first tasks are often to build or refine existing processes, procedures and instructions. Moving forward on this can be hard work, that is often based on small steps founded in trial and error experiments.

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This course is designed for managers and employees who must strengthen the human defence of everyday cybersecurity. Employees are a significant source of vulnerability which can be lowered through diligent use of good work life practices.

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