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Advisory & Methodology

The Advisory & Methodology area offer courses that enable participants to become trusted advisors through their roles as technical specialists within areas such as EU GDPR.

​​​NNIT has a long history of working within the field of IT and compliance. Through this, NNIT has acquired an in-depth understanding of the challenges that businesses face when working within regulated industries. In addition, NNIT has a distinct focus on the human aspects of regulatory and behavioural changes on top of this technical insight.

Within the Advisory & Methodology area, competent instructors with years of consulting experience, as well as regulatory experience within EU GDPR, will help develop the competencies of course participants. The courses will enable participants to communicate with their peers in a clear and concise manner. The courses can be built to suit specific needs in your organization and can address different roles.


Course catalog and registration
Below, you can get an overview of the different courses offered through the Advisory & Methodology area. More information, along with registration information, can be found through the links within each course description.


In this course, participants will learn and discuss how our brain influences our behaviour and communication as well as how understanding ourselves and our relations make us more successful when working as specialists.

The Consulting Mindset course is tailored for technical specialists who would like to improve their communication skills using tools from the consulting toolbox.


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Participants in this course will be given an easy to understand explanation on brains and a simple methodology to use this insight in their day to day work. The core of the Whole Brain Team Dynamics course is to understand how your brain works and how it affects your own communication style as well as your ability to understand other people.

The Whole Brain Team Dynamics course is tailored for technical specialists who would like to improve their communication skills ​using tools from the consulting toolbox.


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Along with a variety of different brainstorming methods this course will give participants and organisations a boost, and with practise the techniques, methods and models are app​​licable in many situations.

The Innovation Workshop Design course is tailored for Project Managers, Business Developers, Consultants and others who would like to learn how to facilitate and boost their innovation capabilities.


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By participating in this course, IT specialists will gain a better understanding of their role in creating a link between IT and the remaining organisation, which is necessary to get the entire organisation correctly on to the EU GDPR journey.

The course is tailored for IT specialists to create a general understanding of EU GDPR and how this affects the role of IT specialists.


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The purpose of this course is to give new Prime users a good and thorough introduction to the Prime SaaS solution, and an introduction to the responsibilities of the built-in roles.

The course is tailored for security and compliance members of the client organization as well as project teams in EU GDPR projects and programs. 


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This course offers a brief introduction to Operational Excellence and the daily use of Operational Excellence boards. Participants will gain the basic knowledge to support initiatives associated with lean or operational excellence programs.

The Operational Excellence Foundation course is tailored for everyone who has interest in operational excellence.


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Participants will discover how lean tools can be used to improve daily task and work streams. The knowledge forms basis for using lean thinking in daily work.

The Board Management Foundation course is tailored for managers, champions & selected employees to provide the audience with an introduction to central lean tools.


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In this course leaders will have an introduction to the principles of lean leadership, which forms the basis for managing transformations and other lean projects​​. The course will teach how to inspire employees to act lean and be responsible for continuous improvements. ​

The Lean Leadership Foundation course is tailored for managers & selected employees ​in an effort to act lean and familiarize with the lean culture.


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