Our History

Our History

NNIT was founded in 1994. But our story goes back much further.

Originally, NNIT operated as an internal IT department in Denmark's largest pharmaceutical company, Novo Nordisk. Then, in June 1994, Novo Nordisk chose to combine all its IT activities into an independent enterprise under the name Novo Nordisk IT. 

Because we evolved from the internal IT department of Denmark's largest pharmaceutical company, all the virtues of one of the world's most regulated industries are deeply rooted in our DNA. Security, compliance, quality, and excellence are always part of our mindset and we have a profound knowledge of the key challenges facing regulated companies.

However, we quickly discovered that it is not just pharmaceutical companies that demand IT services with extraordinary requirements for documentation, quality and security.

As time marched on, Novo Nordisk IT's growth began to accelerate and was primarily driven by clients not linked to the Novo Nordisk Group. Thus, in 2004, we changed our name to NNIT.

The business continued to accelerate, and in 2006 we opened our branch in China to further strengthen NNIT through the acquisition of the right skills.

Since then, and among many other exciting expansions, we have opened offices across the globe, and since 2018 we have acquired both Valiance Partners and Halfmann Goetsch Partner.

Today, we provide IT solutions for a wide range of industries, but our roots in the pharmaceutical industry is a strength that exists deep within us. Our understanding of what it takes to run a business in highly regulated markets stems from this. So does our uncompromising approach to quality.