03 Rawebinar
May 27, 3:30-5:00 PM (CEST)

R&D Though Leadership Event

MAY 27, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM CET

Strategize the Digital Transformation of R&D – Set your organization up for success

The strategic importance of the R&D organization is identifying the need to commence digital transformation, adopting new technologies, to improve efficiency and compliance, accelerate time to market, increase profit margins and drive strategic decisions.

The Digital Transformation Strategy is key to your success. 
In this event we will share key insights to build the strategy and set the goals for your organization, ensuring a solid foundation to take ownership of the digital transformation and reap the benefits of this transition. You will get updated on the key trends and technologies in R&D within Clinical, Safety and Regulatory Affairs, being the drivers in a successful digital transformation of the organization.

Within Clinical, there is an emphasized focus on failing faster or succeeding sooner through intelligent programs and clinical trial design, where advanced technology is used for predictive analytics and informed decisions to identify risk of failure early, or by accelerating the clinical trial conduct and time to market. For Safety, the increasing number of reported cases, increasing regulation and requirements for solid data and signal detection are pushing AI and RPA into many of the current workflows and is expected to become further operational in the coming years. Regulatory Affairs is adopting new digital technologies, such as regulatory data management using tools like robotics to automate high-volume, repetitive processes.
Target audience: management within R&D, RA, Safety and clinical. 


The digital transformation strategy and trends in R&D
Diving into Clinical, Safety and Regulatory Affairs with Q&A
Concluding remarks


Niels Buch Leander, Chair, R&D
Franciska Darmer, Clinical
Mark Loudon, Safety
Brooke Casselberry, RA