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Digital Forum

IDC Multicloud

25 November, 2021 | Online

Om Multicloud

In 2021, the cloud market is becoming more specialised, and industry clouds are emerging to help customers in regulated industries to utilise cloud in a compliant way. The future of the digital platform has cloud as its design point and operating model, and customers are building out their hybrid and multicloud architectures. IT organizations need to handle multilayer business applications in complex multicloud operations as well as dynamic cloud-native applications on the same digital platform. ​Key challenges are cost management, data management, security, performance and management across multiple clouds.

To deal with these challenges successfully, IT organisations should look not only at the technology evolution and select the right cloud providers, cloud operating model, and target architecture, but also at the development of skills and the cultural change that follow the change in technology platform.​

IDC's Multicloud 2021 will review industry trends and provide you with an opportunity to look at the ways companies can move from islands of innovation to cloud-based operating models at scale and drive a cultural evolution to speed up innovation and business transformation.

NNIT and MultiCloud

This year, NNIT will be present at the digital forum. Head of DevOps and Cloud services, Mathias Blichert Christensen, will have his keynote presentation (in Danish) at 09.55 where he will tell you more about how to prepare for cloud-native applications and what you need to know in this regard. 

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