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Quality and security

​Quality to us means that our customers receive nothing but the expected services and solutions. It is vital that what we deliver is in compliance with customers and external requirements.

NNIT's definition of quality and security
Quality and security is when NNIT's products and services live up to the customer's expectations - every time. We tailor each and every quality and security setup so that it matches the needs and demands – no more, no less.

Right Quality and Security
We work with a concept we call 'Right Quality' and 'Right Security'. It is a precise definition of what we have always done: live up to the quality and security needs of individual customers, and determining the right level for each solution. That way, costs are minimized while we deliver appropriate quality and security.

If the customer needs a light plane, why build a space rocket? Why buy a quality assurance system that can handle inspections from the American health authorities if you aren't subject to these strict rules? On the other hand, if it's required, we can offer solutions that live up to even the toughest requirements.



Claus le Fevre+45 3075 ​​​Associated Vice President le Fevre