The Board of Directors appoints an Executive Management consisting of two to six members. The Executive Management appoints the other members of NNIT Management.

Management in NNIT is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Company and shall carry out and ensure compliance of other tasks required pursuant to the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Directors, the Company’s Articles of Association, the procedure and guidelines determined by the Board of Di​rectors and applicable laws and regulations.

Management in NNIT currently consists of:
  • President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Finance, Legal, Investor Relations 
  • Senior Vice President, People, Communications, Marketing & Quality
  • Senior Vice President, Life Sciences
  • Senior Vice President, Private & Public
  • Senior Vice President, Projects, Applications & Consulting
  • Senior Vice President, Cloud & Infrastructure Services

The President and the Executive Vice President are registered with the Danish Business Authority. ​
Per Kogut

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Ricco Larsen

Senior Vice President
Life Sciences

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Carsten Krogsgaard Thomsen

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Finance, Legal, Investor Relations

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Brit Kannegaard-Johannessen

Senior Vice President
for People, Communications, Marketing & Quality

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Jacob Hahn Michelsen

Senior Vice President
Private & Public

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Claus Middelboe Andersen

Senior Vice President
Projects, Applications & Consulting

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Søren Østergaard

Senior Vice President
Cloud & Infrastructure Services

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