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​Project and service evaluations, collective lessons learned and personal feedback are important ingredients at NNIT. We firmly believe in continuous improvement at the personal level, the team level, and the organizational level. We therefore evaluate customer perceptions of doing business with NNIT and address shortcomings wherever necessary.

Ongoing feedback about e.g. specific deliveries and overall performance is collected through multiple formal channels. We track, consolidate and compare feedback, we optimize to preserve and enhance the customer relation and satisfaction, and we learn and grow.

NNITs customer feedback program consists of annual Customer Satisfaction Surveys, quarterly customer feedback on specific projects and service level agreements​, and ongoing End User Surveys. Combined the three channels ensure customer interaction at the right phase of delivery, and they share the same end-goal, to make all customers satisfied.

At NNIT we believe in continuous improvement in order to learn and grow the a long lasting customer relationship.



Claus le Fevre+45 3075 ​​​Associated Vice President le Fevre