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Corporate Governance Statement

​​​Corporate Governance refers to the way a company is governed as well as the interaction between a company’s managerial bodies, its shareholders and other stakeholders. As a Company listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen, NNIT is subject to the Danish Recommendations on Corporate Governance.

Compliance and reporting
NNIT annually reports on its compliance with the Danish Recommendations on Corporate Governance.

Today, NNIT adheres to all but the following two recommendations:

1.3.1 the adoption of a takeover manual Given the current ownership structure of NNIT, under which two shareholders jointly hold a controlling stake in the company, the Board of Directors has not found it necessary or appropriate to adopt a takeover response manual with formalized contingency procedures.

3.4.6 establishing a separate nomination committee The task of nomination committee is handled by the Chairmanship in accordance with the Chairmanship Charter.

Read NNIT’s 2018​ Corporate Governance Statement.

Read NNIT’s 2017 Corporate Governance Statement.

The basis for the corporate governance structure of NNIT include:

Corporate Governance Documentation
  • Articles of Association
  • Remuneration Policy
  • Rules of Procedure of the Board of Directors as well as the Executive Management
  • Competence Profile of the Board of Directors
  • Board Committee charters
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
  • Diversity Policy for Management Levels