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Claus Middelboe Andersen - CV

Senior Vice President, Projects, Applications & Consulting

MSc in Business Administration and Law

Employed since:

Career in NNIT:
Before joining NNIT in November 2017, Claus worked as CIO for the Danish Tax Authorities. Previously he has worked with Basware, SAP and the Municipality of Copenhagen.

"My mission here in NNIT is to create high value for our customers by delivering constantly better-run projects.

What triggers me about NNIT is our strong brand and a good reputation based on high ambitions and solid values. With a past on both vendor and supplier side of IT, ‘quality on time’ has become a personal mantra and a mantra that fits well with the way things are done in NNIT.

Communication and motivated employees are important to me and to NNIT as we continue to grow in a dynamic IT industry."