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Søren Østergaard - CV

Senior Vice President, Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Master of Laws

Employed since:

Career in NNIT:
When appointed to Senior Vice President for Infrastructure and Application Services in January 2019, Søren had been with NNIT for almost a decade. Following his first position in NNIT Business Consulting in 2009, Søren moved to IT Operations Services (ITOS) division where he headed up NNIT’s first data center program and established a new global system for IT Service Management. Following his position as leader of NNIT’s ITOS project managers, Søren became member of the ITOS Management Group and managed different VP areas including Global Operations, before he moved to China in 2017 to take up the position as General Manager for NNIT’s operations and approximately 900 employees in China.

"What I think makes NNIT a unique company and an exciting place to work is the combination of three things: The solid heritage from Novo Nordisk, our strong value based culture and the unique global delivery model”. As a global company we can offer an international working environment with a global delivery of strong quality in a competitive environment. Our corporate culture is deeply rooted in our values including our inclination to act openly and honestly, value adding and conscience driven. With our origins in Novo Nordisk we have a solid experience with innovative and robust digital transformation of regulated industries. At the end of the day, however, it all comes down to people; our ability to attract and retain the most talented people in our industry is the key to our successful growth and the high satisfaction level with our customers."