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Corporate Social Responsibility

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Corporate Social Responsibility Policy​

​​The Company’s business objectives and core business values: “open and honest, value adding and conscience driven” are integrated and reflected in NNIT’s ​​Corporate Responsibility Policy.

NNIT is committed to develop its business based on a combination of running a profitable company with continued growth, while acting socially responsible.

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives ​

In addition to a general approach to proper and diligent business conduct, NNIT adheres to universal principles such as those defined by the UN Global Compact. NNIT reports to UN annually through the UN Global Compact Communication on Progress.
Boosting interest in technology among kids and students
NNIT’s CSR initiatives are centered around education and growing the interest in IT and technology among children and young people. As a responsible company, we recognize the need for additional focus on technology in primary school and beyond in order to meet the digital future of which we are all part. 

NNIT therefore supports initiatives that inspire the young generation to explore the possibilities of IT and technology and ultimately strengthen the talent pool within IT and technology – not just for the benefit of NNIT, but for society in general. 

Engineer the future
Engineer the future is a technological alliance in Denmark between more than 50 companies, schools, universities and interest groups. The alliance works to bring Danish engineers, technology and science students and professionals to the highest level of expertise and to ensure that young people choose technology and natural sciences as a career path. The methods are among others branding, storytelling and public relations.

NNIT supports Engineer the future and actively participates in activities organized by the alliance. 

Coding Class
Coding Class is an initiative headed by the Danish IT Association and a number of leading IT companies in Denmark. The purpose of Coding Class is to expose children to IT and technology in a fun, yet educational way and thus allow them a better understanding of the digital world surrounding us. 

By placing IT training and education on the political agenda, Coding Class aims to have IT included as a mandatory subject in early school years. 





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