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SAP on Azure - Enable greater value from your SAP application in the cloud

Partial or total migration of your SAP landscape to the cloud can yield greater flexibility, improve agility and reduce costs. As two Enterprise-level customers discovered, choosing NNIT as a partner provides the benefit of expert and secure implementation.

Many companies look to the cloud to answer their need for better business agility. While SAP is a trusted and robust cornerstone in the IT landscape of many companies, older versions of SAP lack the flexibility and scalability needed to succeed in the face of modern business challenges. 

A cloud-based SAP solution can provide far greater agility and scalability, deliver better business intelligence and save cost. However, migrating such a mission-critical application is no simple task, and the complexity involved should not be underestimated. 

The complexity does not end once your new cloud-based SAP environment is up and running. In order to realize the benefits of the cloud, you must be prepared to handle frequent feature updates, changing policies for compliance and new digital ways of working. This makes it vital to choose a partner like NNIT, who can provide both the expertise to ensure a successful migration and the advisory to facilitate long-term success in the cloud. 

Case story: A seamless shift 

As one company discovered, finding the right partner is not always easy. When their former cloud vendor failed to properly maintain their cloud infrastructure, let alone improve and expand it, they decided to do a 1:1 transition to public cloud infrastructure managed by NNIT. The take-over had to be done seamlessly, with no impact on users or systems, except during agreed closing windows.

Thanks to NNIT’s close relationship with Microsoft, we could establish common grounds for the current setup of the HA environment which was still under construction. Multiple vendors where included in dialogues to bring the existing SAP solution into an SAP supported cloud setup on Azure. Microsoft and NNIT were able to quickly interconnect and devise recommendations based on the current environment and provide advice on how to proceed. 

All the client’s SAP systems and infrastructure are now handled by NNIT as a single vendor. This creates synergy for operating SAP systems and makes it easier for the client to place responsibility and have issues fixed. By establishing cloud advisory boards and using a documented strategy, NNIT and the client maintain a common understanding that is essential for securing smooth operations.

Together with NNIT, the client is able to ensure basic integrity and keep cost under control, while at the same time, staying secure and compliant. This was paramount, while still accomplishing agility, speed of delivery, enabling business innovation, freedom, and using technology as a business enabler.

In total, by consolidating all infrastructure at NNIT, the client has reduced their infrastructure costs significantly while being able to keep optimizing, keep enabling new possibilities and keep innovating. 

Case story: Customized SAP HANA solution on Fast Track

In another case, speed and agility were of the essence. The client asked NNIT to work with their cloud broker to design, provision and install an SAP implementation in a very short period of time. All systems had to be certified for HANA use and the client also wanted to be able to customize and run the SAP software on the underlying HANA technology without limiting other BI integrations. The goal was to have a resource accommodating the whole enterprise’s need for data management and analysis, enabling self-services for users to use any BI tool to explore data for systems of innovation.

Because of the short timeframe to implement, the project was nominated for the Fast Track Team by Microsoft. After only a few design requirement-workshops, NNIT were able to draft the technical solution for approval by the Microsoft Fast Track team, after which specifications were handed over to the client’s existing cloud broker for IaaS provisioning. Within weeks, the system was installed and ready for developers to start building the application logic for future platforms.

NNIT was able to leverage our vast experience in designing SAP environments, our build teams and our knowledge of upcoming services in Azure and translate this to fit the customers upcoming workload, leveraging the scalability of Azure and starting with lowest footprint possible, but allowing for scalability going forward.

The close collaboration between the cloud broker, NNIT and the Microsoft Fast Track team was instrumental for overcoming the design challenges and ensuring the success of this implementation within the tight deadline.



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