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SAP Integration

With 350 specialists on its team, NNIT is the country's most experienced and skilled SAP Service Provider. NNIT SAP Integration is for businesses that want to drive their digital transformation across different platforms.

​Digital initiatives will boost your company's performance and bottom line. It's no secret that this approach is a high priority for companies in Denmark, where the digital agenda has accelerated in recent years. The sooner new digital tools and processes can be implemented; the sooner performance can be seen on the bottom line. Agility is the goal, system integration the means.

− At the centre of all organizations is a digital core - an ERP system for example. On top of this, there is a cloud of systems and interaction platforms that the company can use with its customers; such as showing inventory levels, billing and receiving orders. Digital transformation begins in this digital core, says Mikkel Holm Iversen, Director of Integration & Technology at NNIT.

Criteria for successful integration

SAP is a world-renowned ERP platform used by more than 345,000 companies. SAP can be integrated into other systems, but traditionally, such multiple system mergers have been point-to-point projects that did not leave much room for flexibility, and rarely resulted in faster processes. Today, however, system integration is more data and process-specific. This results in a far more agile system integration with improved governance.

− When companies need to link different systems together, focus is on completing the integration as soon as possible. The flexibility and speed of the overall system needs to be high to boost both the performance and the bottom line of the company. Otherwise, integration cannot be considered a success, says Mikkel Holm Iversen. 

Pharma approach is a strength

NNIT has close to 20 years’ experience with the SAP platform, with around 350 specialists working to optimize the way companies use the more than 500 SAP modules. NNIT has also formalized accelerators for integration tools which, put simply, enable chunks of software in the various integrated systems to work better together.

NNIT has its roots in the Pharma industry and this brings with it a number of built-in ways of working, explains Mikkel Holm Iversen:

− We have a uniform approach to integration. For customers, this means clean lines and clarity about what they can expect from the collaboration with NNIT on SAP solutions.






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