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Webinar: Prepare your organization to take the first steps into the digital transformation within finance

February 27 | Webinar

Explore the financial close process and the potential for automation enabling organizations to release key stakeholders from simple and manual tasks. Prepare your organization to simplify finance structures and streamline reporting processes.

In this webinar NNIT and BlackLine will highlight best practices and introduce the SAP Account Substantiation & Automation by BlackLine that enables closing excellence, including:

  • High-Volume Transaction Matching
  • Journal Entry Processing



Key takeaways from webinar:

  • Why the financial close should be a focus in transformation efforts
  • Examples of quick wins through best in breed technology in your transformation roadmap
  • How SAP Account Substantiation & Automation by BlackLine extends core SAP functionality to reduce risk and manual effort for Finance 


Hans Mathiesen, Line Manager, SAP Solutions, NNIT

Samuel Rouayrenc, Strategic Account Director, BlackLine



Hans Mathiesen+45 3077 8774hmti@nnit.comSenior Business ConsultantHans Mathiesen