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Webinar: Can your company keep up with complex compliance tasks?

June 21 | Webinar

Compliance gaps can originate from many different causes. However, the increasing complexity in the IT system landscape and related IT processes have challenged the ability to be in compliance and have a consistent and standardized qualification and validation approach across an organization. Moreover, the complexity has also increased the risk of bottleneck issues regarding quality and  compliance resources, why it can be difficult for life sciences companies to keep up with IT best practices and IT related regulatory requirements and legislation.

In this webinar, Mikael Fenger, Head of Compliance, Test and Validation at NNIT, will address the challenges, share how you through standardization and automation can stay on top of compliance. Moreover, Mikael will share real-life examples of how selected life sciences companies’ have approached the complexity.



Driving standardizations across the organization
Addressing bottleneck issues
Using Robotics to strengthen your compliance processes
NNIT’s experiences and cases


Mikael Fenger, Head of  Compliance, Test and Validation, NNIT



Nicoline Liu Poulsen+45 3077 8562nlpo@nnit.comMarketing Consultant Liu Poulsen



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