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Seminar: EDI is dead – long live EDI

5 September | Aarhus
19 September | Søborg

​EDI, EDIFACT, B2B – successful integration projects has many fathers, but EDI has always been an orphan.

It is quite a challenge to make companies' ERP systems communicate across orders, invoices, transport documents, etc., and many providers offer a variety of solutions.

At this seminar, we will focus on a selection of the solutions and experiences found in the SAP landscape in Denmark.

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  • SAP TPM on PO -  Here, we will do a quick demo of how the Trading Partner Manager works and show you how to set up a new trading partner. Salling Group has agreed to share some of their real-world experiences with the technology.

  • Link from Bizbrains -  In the Microsoft area, Bizbrains has developed a strong suite of tools to help their customers with EDI and B2B communication based on Biztalk. Now, they are converging this into a tool that can work with any middleware. Dennis will present the tools and share insights to the future road map.

  • Dell Boomi -  With Dell Boomi, we have a leading iPaaS that has presented their tool previously at our seminars. Boomi grew out of a B2B background and will showcase their solution on B2B with us.

  • Ariba - The trading network from SAP is a different angle on trading B2B communication wherein SAP will come and share the benefits, functionality, and implementation effort.

  • VANs discussion - Why do it yourself when there are so many professional service providers with promises of greatness and smooth integrations out there? We encourage an open discussion on the pros, cons, and experiences from the VANs providers. 



Date & Place


Thursday 5 September 2019, 08:30 - 13.00 at Comwell Aarhus,
Værkmestergade 2, 8000 Aarhus.

Thursday 19 September 2019, 08:30 - 13.00 at NNIT,
Østmarken 3a, 2860 Søborg



Mads Torry Lindeneg+45 3075 1845mtld@nnit.comMarketing Assistant Torry Lindeneg