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SAP on Azure

April 10 | Søborg

Learn how, why and when to move your SAP system to the cloud!

Key take-aways of seminar 

  • The benefits of SAP in the cloud 
  • First steps of a successful migration project 
  • Common pitfalls – what they are and how to avoid them 
  • Creating continuous value and maintaining secure operations 

SAP systems are among the most critical applications used for sensitive data, but they aren't as scalable and flexible as most enterprises would like. Many companies are now looking to the cloud in order to get a more flexible and scalable setup without having to consider security issues or governance questions. 

In order to secure a good transition from on-premises SAP capabilities to the cloud, it is vital to have a successful migration. Join NNIT's seminar on April 10 to get useful tips on how and when to migrate SAP to Azure, get insights on SAP services in the cloud and live demo on how to run SAP in the cloud.  

We will also have Anders Bonde, Chief Architect Officer from Microsoft who will go through their key learnings from migrating SAP to Azure. 

Register for the seminar here


08:30–09:00Breakfast and registration 
09:00–09:10Welcome by Jens Maagøe, CTO, NNIT 
09:10–09:50NNIT SAP Basis managed services on Azure by John Sander, Director SAP Basis, NNIT. Get useful tips on how to successfully migrate to the cloud and how to avoid common pitfalls. 
09:50–10:20SAP on Azure demo by Søren Jensen & Rune Hald, NNIT 
10:35–11:10Azure by Anders Bonde, Chief Architect Officer, Microsoft. Get insights on how SAP Services work in the cloud and what Cloud economics rule #5 really means. 
11:10–11:30NNIT Azure Managed Service by Jesper Bagh, Director of Cloud Innovation, NNIT. Learn how to effectively maintain your SAP system from a cloud services and governance perspective. 
11:30–11:45Closing remarks by Jens Maagøe, CTO, NNIT 
11:45Lunch and networking





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