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How to maximize your Veeva Vault investment - a guide for small and medium-sized Life Sciences organizations

May 12 | Webinar

Implementation, migration, integration and continuous improvement… all essential components when moving towards digital transformation. But how do small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources achieve the same benefits from new technology and cloud solutions as large pharma companies?

With focus on a successful implementation many companies fail to realize the benefits of speed of innovation from multi-tenant cloud-based solution such as Veeva Vault. With three releases per year, smaller and mid-size organizations struggle with the necessary resources and experience needed to efficiently manage their R&D applications. For many, best case scenario means missing out on potential long-term process improvements after go-live, and in worst case, the risk of non-compliance.

Listen in for a best practice approach to running a successful application management program with NNIT Veeva Powerhouse. During the presentation, NNIT will present some of the challenges as experienced by smaller/midsize organization maintaining cloud-based applications, as well as provide an overview of how to best utilize your Veeva Vault applications for end-to-end business process optimization while ensuring continuous compliance through every new release.

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  • Overview of benefits and challenges of managing Multi-tenant cloud-based R&D solutions

  • Setting up a successful application management program

  • Customer use cases



Franciska Darmer, Advisory Director, NNIT

Aldous Gorospe, Senior Business Consultant, NNIT

Katie Cox, Business Consultant, NNIT



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