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GDPR Solution Day

February 7, 2018 | Søborg

​​​​​​The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a current topic that is very hard to avoid. Most organizations are aware at this point of the regulation’s overall requirements, and some are also at a point in their journey where they have already mapped their data flows and identified their gaps to compliance.

The next step along the journey is to find the appropriate solutions to close these gaps. While there are many approaches to this, there are some that are more appropriate than others. This is why NNIT would like to invite you in for a day, where we, together with a line of our business partners, will give you an overview of the most common obstacles as well as the appropriate solutions to your GDPR pains.

The GDPR Solution Day includes a technical track and a governance track in order to make the day as relevant for your role as possible.

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Time & Place:

Wednesday, February 7 - 2018, 8.30-16.00

NNIT, Østmarken 3A, 2860 Søborg


Registration and breakfast
9.00Welcome to GDPR Solution Day
9.15NNIT's GDPR Journey & Data Processor Role
9.45Solving the GDPR Solutions Puzzle
10.45Client Case: Forenede Gruppeliv
​Forenede Gruppeliv​​
 Technical TrackGovernance Track
12.10Locate your Data and Access it SecurelyUndesired Habits can Trip Up your GDPR Implementation
12.45Using the Log Archive to Demonstrate ComplianceConsent Management is a New Opportunity
13.15Access & Governance Transform Personal
Management Solutions for the EnterpriseData Processes with RPA
14.00A Blockchain Approach to Application LoggingTrack and Enforce your Data Policies
NNITData & More
14.30Data Masking test data using Dynamic Data PlatformsGetting Started with your DPO Organization
15.00Networking reception




NNIT’s GDPR Journey & Data Processor Role

NNIT is currently going through the same journey as its customers. In addition, as an IT service provider, NNIT is a data processor on a large scale. In this presentation NNIT’s own GDPR Program Lead will share the status on NNI’s own GDPR Program, our learnings, and explain what our role as a data processor means for us and our customers.

Solving the GDPR Solutions Puzzle

After having identified the gaps to EU GDPR compliance comes the time where you need to select and prioritize the solutions to close the gaps. This is not a simple task and you will find that the solution is not one technology, but that the solutions involve people, processes and technologies. In this presentation you get an overview of the methodology to put together the appropriate solutions puzzle.

Continuous Compliance & Integration

EU GDPR is not a one-time project and it most definitely does not stop on May 25. It is a continuous program that is not only changing the way that we work now, but how we work in the future. How do you ensure continuous compliance and how do you ensure the integration between systems in the future? In this presentation you will learn how to continue with gap analyses also after May 25 and how these will ensure your continuous compliance.


Locate your Data and Access it Securely
by SAS

Learn how to identify, govern and protect personal data in structured and unstructured data repositories. Using SAS allows you to combine machine learning with subject-matter expertise so you can make sense of all your data. Remember, before you can provide the high level of data protection needed to comply with regulations, you first need the ability to locate your data and securely access it.

Using the Log Archive to Demonstrate Compliance
by Logpoint

GDPR requires that organizations can document who did what, when (and why). In this presentation, LogPoint will present how the central log archive can be used as a repository for all logs from e.g. the access management solution, and how compliance can be demonstrated using the dashboards and the reporting functionality within LogPoint.

Access & Governance Management Solutions for the Enterprise
by SailPoint

When it comes to defining your cyber security posture, insider threat is one of the major considerations. The changing face of enterprise IT is blurring the boundary between internal and external users and causing us to reconsider our security paradigms. In addition, new legislations such as GDPR are forcing organisations to understand more about the information being processed by the Business and how this can be better protected.

During the SailPoint session we will offer you visibility of:

The changing landscape of insider threat and how this applies to your environment
SailPoint’s approach and technology features and how they translate into business value
How to leverage identity as the foundation of your cyber security strategy
How SailPoint can assist with addressing elements of GDPR


A Blockchain Approach to Application Logging

The requirements for securing and ensuring high integrity application logs have become a significant challenge with new regulations such as GDPR. Often application logs are logged in simple repositories such as text files or databases, without proper protection from tampering, deletion or confidentiality breaches.
Application Logging Framework (ALF) is a solution that is inspired by Blockchain principles and addresses those key challenges in GDPR and ensures high transparency and security.

Data Masking test data using Dynamic Data Platforms
by Delphix

90% of data in a company are copies used for development, testing, reporting and analytics. Much of this has sensitive information required by the GDPR to mask (anonymise) which is expensive and slow. This presentation will offer insights how Dynamic Data Platforms can automat this process and embed data masking into the delivery of data. Not only can this platform mask all non-production data, but reduce storage costs, speed up the projects and improve quality.


Undesired Habits can Trip Up your GDPR Implementation

Your employee receives an email from a business relation that includes CPR-number, health information and much more. You do not have the legal basis to collect the data due to GDPR, so what does the employee do? If you have acted on this, and the employee has a set of guidelines in place, then you are well on your way. But behavior is an often overseen parameter in change projects such as GDPR. Be inspired on how working with strategic storytelling and behavioral design can help you implement desired behavior to ensure compliance. We will be looking into:

- Using strategic storytelling to deliver communication that focusses on desired behavior
- Using behavioral design principles to map out the barriers to the desired behavior
- Using NNIT change management best practice to deliver measurable change

Consent Management is a New Opportunity
by Informatica

Many organizations are realizing that the capture and management of consent data isn’t that straightforward, but it has some distinct benefits when done properly. Informatica offers Enterprise-wide tools for enacting consent data controls that can provide companies with a great opportunity for organizations acting in the role of Data Controllers and Data Processors to build trust with Data Subjects (the individuals whose data they hold) and become truly customer-citizen- and employee centric.

Transform Personal Data Processes with RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables organizations to more effectively automate tasks, streamline processes, increase employee productivity, and ultimately deliver more satisfying customer experiences. Enabling RPA to handle any of your personal data processes will not only transform and streamline your organization's workflow; it will allow you to become compliant by minimizing the risk of human error and ultimately also give better customer experience. Explore the latest developments within RPA, and learn how it can help your organization to improve GDPR compliance, and even create a competitive edge for your business.

Track and Enforce your Data Policies
by Data & More
After spending several resources on establishing new ways of working, introduced policies and compliance rules and handled non-compliant data - how do you maintain your level of data compliance in the years to come? How to measure whether your employees are living up to the data guidelines or data policies?  The right GDPR tools can help companies on their journey towards GDPR compliance – and also help them stay compliant. With Data & More’s GDPR Toolbox including the Data Policies module your  organization can monitor GDPR related data and get fact based insight in your employees’ data governance behavior and compliance with your data policies.

Getting Started with your DPO Organization

May 25th is approaching soon and many organizations have to implement a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Depending on the size and complexity of the organization it’s not going to be a one man or woman job, but an organization needs to be built to support the DPO in his/her day-to-day operations. Your organization has probably completed a risk analysis and identified organizational and technical gaps, now to be solved by the organization with the DPO in charge. How do you address this challenge with limited resources, knowledge and a time race? NNIT has years’ of experience in supporting customers’ Compliance Officers by building and implementing governance models. Be inspired with best practices and how to get started with your own DPO organization.



Nicoline Liu Poulsen+45 3077 8562nlpo@nnit.comMarketing Consultant Liu Poulsen



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