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Seminar: From idea to full ignition

October 9 |Søborg

Join our seminar – From idea to full ignition, and get insights on how you can go from exploration of an idea to running continuously in a DevOps setup. 

Key take-aways from the seminar:

  • Explore your ideas before developing it – we will answer, what, why and how.

  • Design thinking, what is it and how can you use it to generate concepts that match's your customer's needs and solve the challenges you're struggling with

  • How to successfully implement agile in your organization to gain full benefit from your digital transformation

  • How to implement continuous integration and continuously delivery automates the build and release pipeline. 

  • How to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery via automation and thereby gain fast time to market

  • Customer case – Novo Nordisk's experience with Design Thinking workshop

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In today's competitive environment it is more important than ever to launch the right products and ideas to match's your customer's needs.

By carefully exploring the business opportunities in an idea via Design Thinking workshops are one way to test new ideas and get useful insights by creating simple concepts as well as early prototypes that can be tested.

Another aspect that many companies currently are looking for is how to successfully implement agile in an organization to gain full benefit from digital transformation. In this seminar, NNIT will present the typical challenges you will face when you embark on the agile journey and methodologies.

Modern products tend to change rapidly, Continuous integration and Continuous delivery (DevOps) is the optimal way to support this by automating processes between software development and operation. This enables an agile product team to build, test and release software fast in high quality - we will demonstrate how this can be done.

Lastly, Novo Nordisk will co-present with NNIT on their experiences on a design thinking workshop. 


08:30 - 09:00      Breakfast and registration

09:00 - 09:10      Welcome by Søren Olsen, Manager, NNIT

09:10 - 10:20      How to explore ideas and use design thinking                             
                             by Jesper Sørensen, Senior UX specialist,  NNIT 
                             & Novo Nordisk Case - by Jesper Kjær,              
Manager, Novo Nordisk

10:20 - 10:35      Break

10:35 - 11:10      Agile as part of your Digital Transformation by                                                            Tba, NNIT

11:10 - 11:40      DevOps by Mathias Blichert Christensen, Manager,NNIT

11.40 - 11.45      Closing remarks by Søren Olsen, Manager, NNIT
11.45 -                 Lunch and networking



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