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Whole Brain Team Dynamics

​Have you ever experienced that you delivered a simple message to another person and yet this message was clearly not understood? Or have you wondered how it is that we clearly like some people more than others simply because they are easy to understand?

Some of the explanation to these questions is that we all have brains with different preferences. Understanding how your brain works and how it affects your own communication style and also how it affects your ability to understand other people is the core of the Whole Brain Team Dynamics course. Applying an easy to understand explanation on brains and a simple methodology to use this insight are the key take aways when you have participated on this course, which is based on Ned Hermanns theory called “Whole Brain”.

The Whole Brain Team Dynamics course is tailored for technical specialists who would like to improve their communication skills ​using tools from the consulting toolbox.


The duration of the course is 2-4 hours, and it can take place at NNIT premises or at customer site.


If you are interested in attending this course, you can request to be contacted by one of our instructors in order to schedule your participation and adjust to any special requirements that you might have. Please fill out your contact details below and choose "Whole Brain Team Dynamics" in the course dropdown menu. We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible. The price for participating in this course is subject to change depending on the requirements of your organization.



















Christa Palner Kloch+45 30778236crpk@nnit.comManaging Consultant Palner Kloch



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