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Testing Security in Applications and Data

All IT organizations have an urgent need for security - of information, people, resources, and data. It requires, however, both knowledge and experience to test security.

Application Security

The first thing to consider for security testing is application security, such as cross-site scripting and exploits. Most of these issues can be countered when testing based on the guidelines from The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

NNIT consultants can help you counter security threats for web and other platforms. We have vulnerability scanners and training to address your application security needs.

Data Security

NNIT provides compliance consultants within the data security area who can help you with compliance towards the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on topics of personal identifiable information.

Besides your company’s own data points and applications, you have to consider how to handle personal identifiable information about your customers and persons registered in your applications, including employees and applicants.

NNIT security testing includes analyzing your practices regarding hashing of passwords and credentials to limit the impacts of data breaches.

Data breaches are very sensitive if you do not consider the notion of segregation of data. Your critical business plans or similar classified information must be segregated and compartmentalized in all systems.

Physical and Infrastructure Security

Compartmentalization and identity access management are common practices within physical security and infrastructure security.

We can test whether your IT systems match the required segregation of data and accesses, or if a simple USB stick can compromize your entire company.

Information Security

Many IT companies benefit greatly from the ISO27000 practices behind information security management. NNIT provides security consultants in ISO27000 to help you focus on topics such as confidentiality, integrity, availability, and controls.
At the NNIT Test Excellence Center we are dedicated and have a passion for adding business value. We take pride in meeting our customers’ expectation every time.






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