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Testing Is Essential in the Enterprise Sector

​​​​​​​At NNIT we care about good IT solutions in the Enterprise Sector

​​​In the enterprise sector, the companies’ focus is to provide systems that support internal users in their work and applications to provide services to their customers.

The systems and applications must be cost effective and it must be possible to both deliver them and make changes to them very fast. However, it can be a difficult task for companies in the enterprise sector to identify the right scope for the test, as well as to design the right test based on the requirements or user stories for the product and meeting the requirements for cost and speed.

There are many aspects to take into consideration, for example whether to choose a V-model or an agile development model, whether to use specification based or exploratory testing, and whether or not to choose a risk-based approach to test.​

In NNIT we have many years’ experience in participating on enterprise projects with many different types and sizes of systems and applications. We can participate throughout the project from definition of requirements to scoping, planning, executing, controlling, and reporting of the test.​

​​We can

  • Provide professional test advisory and test services to make you gain confidence and trust in the quality of your systems and applications, on both agile and V-model development projects.
  • Provide early review of your documentation, such as user stories, requirements and/or architecture specifications in cooperation with you. The purpose is to ensure that the documents have a sufficient quality and that the content is testable.​
  • Plan, monitor, and control the entire test for a system, an application, or for specific test levels and/or types according to your needs and with the level of involvement you choose.
  • Design, execute, and report on manual testing, as well as on automated testing with you.
  • Design and execute tests for responsive designs, with the level of involvement you choose, to make sure your applications work on different devices.
  • Facilitate or participate in retrospectives and make sure that appropriate improvements to test are implemented.​


At the NNIT Test Excellence Center we are dedicated and have a passion for adding business value by testing in the most efficient way. We take pride in meeting our customers’ expectations every time.





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