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Testing Based on Specifications

​​​At NNIT we care about good specification-based testing

For systems to be developed or changed the requirements or expectations are usually expressed in specifications, either as traditional requirements, user stories, functional specifications, or perhaps as graphic models. The expectations outline how a system is supposed to support your business, both in terms of functionality and in terms of other quality aspects, such as performance and availability.
In specification-based testing these specifications are used as the basis for test analysis and design of test cases using appropriate test case design techniques. This forms the basis for documented and structured test cases and enables determination of exactly what has been tested and what has not been tested, and calculate the obtained coverage. It also enables effective regression testing.
It is, however, not always easy to choose and use the most appropriate test case design techniques based on expectations or to write good test cases. It requires knowledge and experience to do this in a structured and effective way.
A NNIT we have worked with specification based testing for many years and are recognized experts in designing effective test cases from all types of expectations.​

​We can

  • Introduce your organization to specification-based testing.
  • Train your testers in effective testing analysis, choosing and using appropriate test case design techniques.
  • Perform structured analysis of any kind of requirements specification and derive appropriate coverage items with your testers.
  • Select the test cases to be written and executed based on the derived coverage and the product risks in in cooperation with you.
  • Write efficient, evolvable, and exemplary test cases, making your test fast, cheap, reliable, and repeatable with the level of involvement you choose.
  • Calculate the expected coverage based on the written test cases and the archived coverage based on the executed test cases with you.
  • Combine specification based testing with other test approaches, such as exploratory testing.
  • Deliver high quality testing services at competitive rates based on our NNIT Shared Testing Service model for off-shoring.
At the NNIT Test Excellence Center we are dedicated and have a passion for adding business value by working with you on improving your test. We take pride in meeting our customers’ expectations every time.​







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