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Static Test – Your Best IT Investment

​​​​​At NNIT we care about your static test

Development and changes of IT systems are based on various types of documentation, such as user stories, design, and test specifications, and the quality of this documentation is reflected directly in the quality of the resulting system.
Time to ensure the quality of the documentation is, however, not always sufficient, despite the fact that static test or review, which this activity is also known as, is one of the best investments you can make for an IT project.
Static test is cheap. It only requires a chair and a pen, and it is always much cheaper to nip defects in the bud than to correct defects and their side effects in the final system.
Static test is not about making more documentation than necessary, but about having documentation of as high a quality as needed. Hence, static test should be part of every IT project, regardless of it being GxP or non-GxP.
At NNIT we have many years’ experience in using the various static test techniques, such as peer review, walkthrough, and inspection as means to ensure quality of your documentation in the most effective way.​

We can

  • Introduce your organization to static testing principles and to the many advantages of performing comprehensive and early static test on your development and maintenance projects.
  • Train you in using the different static test techniques, and to select between them and/or mix them to gain the best results in a given situation.
  • Identify the documentation for a system where static test is most likely used to reduce the impact of undetected defects and the cost of your project in cooperation with you.
  • Perform effective static test of your documentation, be it in Danish, English, German, or Mandarin, and report the findings.
  • Establish and maintain relevant checklists that will make your static test more consistent and more effective based on your experience and input.
  • Report the results of static testing in the most appropriate way in relation to the recipients, and ensure that the results of your static test is used as inspiration for improvement of documentation processes.
At the NNIT Test Excellence Center we are dedicated and have a passion for adding business value through static test of project documentation. We take pride in meeting our customers’ expectations every time.​







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