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Save costs by managed consumption in Azure

​​​​Manage your Azure consumption to reduce costs
Customers using Microsoft Azure can now manage their Azure consumption and costs by shutting down Virtual Machines when they are not needed – e.g. outside of normal business hours or during breaks in projects.​​​

NNIT is offering a solution to schedule start and stop patterns that can be applied for any Virtual Machines running in Azure. This is specifically useful for the VMs used for development and testing.​

Easy to use through the administration portal
Schedule schemas are stored in an Azure SQL database used by a custom Azure Automation Runbook to start and stop virtual machines based on the schedule schemas.

The list of Virtual Machines to manage is maintained by a custom Azure Automation Runbook that will scan the subscription and update the database.​​​

​The solution contains a centralized administration portal and API for managing VM schedules across multiple subscriptions, and a custom Azure Automation Runbook for the subscriptions to manage.​
The solution delivered by NNIT supports the following feature areas:
  • Start and stop virtual machines at specific times
  • Temporary disable scheduled stop to avoid automatic shutdown. Useful for work and test outside normal working hours
    • Weekend work/test
    • Single night work/test
    • ​Long period work/test
  • Temporary disable scheduled start to avoid automatic start up. Useful for periods where work/test is not required (vacations, between releases etc.)
  • Handle Virtual Machines on mul​tiple subscriptions from the same administration portal
  • Start and stop a Virtual Machine from the admin portal
  • Set start and stop order for virtual machines​

NNIT installs the system on the customer Azure subscription and hands over the configuration manual on a 2-hour system demo workshop.

Please contact Mesim Bajrami at NNIT Microsoft Solutions for further information.​​




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