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Risk-based Testing Is a Good Investment

​​​​​At NNIT we care about efficient testing

Customers want the best quality for the IT systems they have developed or maintained, and testers want to test software very thoroughly. However, exhaustive testing of today’s complex software products is impossible - it would be too costly and too time consuming to test everything.
The most effective way of testing is risk-based testing, where the test is targeted to mitigate the risks of the system coursing harm when used, i.e. mitigate product risks.
In risk-based testing, product risks are identified and assessed in cooperation between the customer, the developers, the testers, and other relevant stakeholders. The level of each risk is calculated from the estimated possibility of the occurrence of the risk and the estimated effect, if it does occur.
The test is subsequently targeted to be more focused on minimizing the high level risks, and less on the lower level risks, based on the risk profile.
Continuous risk identification and assessments during the course of the project and appropriate re-planning of the test ensures that the test is constantly aimed at providing the highest value possible.
At NNIT we have many years’ experience with risk-based testing.​

​We can

  • Introduce your organization, including management, to the idea of working with risk-based testing.
  • Teach your developers, testers, and other stakeholders to use different techniques for risk identification and to assess the levels of identified risks.
  • Facilitate risk identification workshops for relevant stakeholders in your organization for a given project.
  • Facilitate risk assessment workshops for a given project, where probability and possible effect of each identified risk is estimated by relevant stakeholders.
  • Estimate and plan your test for a given project with you and based on the risk profile and your test strategy, in order to establish the most effective and value-adding test.
  • Re-estimate and re-plan your test based on the results of executed tests and new risk identification and assessment in cooperation with you.
  • Write risk-based test reports on findings and targeted to your different types of stakeholders and with the involvement you choose.
At the NNIT Test Excellence Center we are dedicated and have a passion for adding business value by working with risk based testing on your projects. We take pride in meeting the customers’ expectation every time.​







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