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Real-time data access boosts decision-making

By implementing a new solution hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud – but utilizing on premise data – a Danish pharmacy has dramatically reduced load time on an advanced analytics platform, which provides fast access to consistent sales data.

The pharmacy was looking to create a solution that allows for fast access to data in order to actively include the data as a foundation for decision-making. The new solution provides near real-time sales data all while increasing the number of key metrics available to the employees and other stakeholders.

An agile process quickly deploys new versions

NNIT was responsible for delivering a sales reporting application to support the client organization's digitization strategy.

The complete setup embraces an agile process with elements from SAFe and SCRUM as well as continuous integration and delivery – thus making sure new versions are quickly deployed through the relevant environments when thoroughly tested.

Scalable and flexible

The application leverages the newest technologies such as Microsoft Power BI and .NET Core as the main building blocks and is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Multiple relevant Azure PaaS components have been utilized to make the solution as flexible and module-based as possible. The technology stack was chosen to fit the client's exact needs, and should they change in the future, the solution can easily be scaled, or additional features added.

But Azure is not limited to the above-mentioned applications. The comprehensive set of cloud services supports a wide range of  tools and open source technologies.

Ensuring user-friendliness through education

Before launching, the project's pilot phase tested the solution for several months to identify and counter any weakness. Today, the solution serves thousands of users across Denmark.

To ensure that the users understand how to employ the new solution and all the application, NNIT and the client collaborated to develop comprehensive learning material and conduct meetings that address any concerns or questions regarding the solution.

Do you want to know more about data access in Azure-hosted solutions?

Real-time data access is often the be-all and end-all of decision-making in innovative projects. Digital solutions hosted in the cloud can utilize and correlate both off- and on-premise data and create unique and valuable knowledge.

Book a meeting with NNIT's cloud specialists to find out how you can implement cloud-based, scalable solutions.  

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