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Do you reap the benefits of your projects?

What should projects deliver?

Many projects are launched without a clear definition of the benefits to be realized or the focus on benefits fade into the background as the project progresses. As a result, you are at risk of ending up with a project where the purpose becomes the project itself, not the desired benefits. 
To reap real value from projects, a dedicated and continuous focus on benefit realization management is required.  

  • How are the desired benefits identified?  
  • Do identified benefits fit the strategic objectives of your organization? 
  • Does your project execution model factor in to benefit realization management? 
  • How is benefit realization management tracked throughout the project lifecycle? 
  • Who owns the benefit realization process, especially when benefits are often only realized after project closure? 
  • When prioritizing projects, is your organization geared toward focusing on benefit realization as well as traditional financial value? 

The value of benefit realization management

Shifting the mindset to focusing on benefits realization management requires discipline, but offers many rewards, such as:   

  • Increased return on investment through benefits delivery as opposed to ‘enabler’ delivery, e.g. new system  
  • Clear line of sight between benefits and project prioritization enables organizational buy-in 
  • Increased organizational ownership through clear benefits identification – also past project lifetime.

NNIT's solution

NNIT brings a proven track record on benefits realization management projects. The NNIT Benefit Realization Management framework includes: 

  • Tools and templates for benefits identification 
  • Assessment of benefits to ensure the strategic fit of the project and place in the portfolio 
  • IT project execution model with a focus on benefit realization 
  • Benefit realization planning and tracking tools 
  • A full benefits report upon project closure to document the value realization as well as a plan for benefits realization post project lifetime 
  • The execution of benefits realization management is fully integrated with the NNIT Organizational Change Management Framework.  

NNIT’s Benefit Realization Management service is fully integrated with both project portfolio management and business case development. This triad ensures the strategic fit and contributes to making the benefits measurable. 







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